APS LOGOAPS – Australian Photographic Society

The Australian Photographic Society is a national organisation formed in 1962, which aims to promote, share and enjoy photography as a recreational pursuit and as an art form amongst its members.

The APS has a relationship with the Camera Club federations in each State and Territory of Australia, with each of those independent bodies holding complimentary organisation membership of APS. SAPF is a member federation of APS.

APS is also Australia’s national member body within the International Federation of Photographic Art [FIAP] and has particular relationships with the national photographic societies of America, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

APS members are primarily enthusiastic amateurs with a wide range of interests and expertise.  Members are encouraged to join one or more of six specialist Divisions, which form the active heart of the Society: Print, Nature, Contemporary, Audio-Visual, Digital and Movies.  Each division provides a range of services to its members.

The Society has its own website with much information about itself and what it does, an online membership facility, details of national and international competitions and much more. The Society enables members to participate in on-line Web-based portfolios and to set up their own Web-based portfolios with direct links via the APS Website.

The APS also makes use of social networking with a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Google+Community for interested members.

The Society has a photographic skill honours program through which members can achieve recognition for different levels of photographic achievement.  APS honours are earned by members either submitting a folio of works or by accumulating points from acceptances in national and international competitions. Honours to be gained nationally include: LAPS – Licentiate, AAPS – Associate, FAPS – Fellow, MAPS – Master.  Guidance and forms for further honours awarded by international photographic body FIAP, may also be pursued through APS.


APS conducts an annual convention known as APSCON [Australian Photographic Society Convention].  The venue alternates between the States.  The conventions include lectures on photography related matters, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, field trips and social functions including the Society’s annual dinner.  There is always a mixture of novice and experienced photographers attending APSCON so everyone can feel welcome.  APSCON  is due to be held in South Australia in 2016 – a great opportunity for locals to participate!

APS can help improve your photography, increase your level of satisfaction and achievement with your images, and make lasting friendships with other photographers throughout Australia.

APS has a State representative in each state with Jeffrey Venning being the current South Australian representative.

Jeff’s contact details:

Email: jwpmvenning@hotmail.com

SAPF encourages its members to consider APS membership.

For more information visit the APS website.


PSA Logo #2PSA – Photographic Society of America

SAPF is a member of the Photographic Society of America, a worldwide organisation providing a wide range of services that promote photography and benefits to its members.  Individual members can participate in competitions, study groups and on-line education programmes designed to advance photographic knowledge and skill.

Competitions are also held for clubs, councils, federations and chapter members. SAPF has successfully competed in the Newsletter contest [now discontinued] on several occasions with the last Directors Choice award being won in 2013. Contest are also conducted for websites and the PSA Council’s Challenge is a competition between council members in a format similar to the APS interstate competition AIPC [Australian Interstate Photographic Competition].

A further benefit for members of PSA is access to the monthly PSA Journal.  This is an excellent magazine which contains interesting and informative articles on many photographic topics.

Who’s Who in Photography

During the formation of PSA a Who’s Who in Photography listing was created – the only such list in the world. There are six PSA divisions – Projected Image [PID], Nature [ND], Photojournalism [PJD], Photo Travel [PTD], Prictorial Print [PPD] and 3D division [3DD].  Divisions identify the top exhibitors worldwide, on an annual basis through the publication of a Who’s Who listing in the PSA Journal.  This listing includes all photographers who achieve an established level of success by participating in PSA- recognised exhibitions, whether they are PSA members or not. The names of many familiar Australian photographers appear in this listing on a regular basis.

For further information visit the PSA  website.