The Mullins Fund

The SAPF has been fortunate to be placed in a position of financial security through the establishment of the Mullins Fund.  This fund was established through the generosity of the late Barbara Mullins gifting the proceeds from the sale of Mullins Gallery to the SAPF in 2008.

The bequest has some principles attached to it including that it be administered through the Mullins Fund Subcommittee, whose present members are John Hodgson, Peter Phillips and Keith Seidel.  This subcommittee was specifically set up at Barbara Mullins request to provide governance for the fund separate from the day-to-day operations of the SAPF Management Committee.

The earnings of the fund are to be used to benefit all member clubs of the SAPF.

A key principle is that the fund be retained in real terms that is, that the fund will increase over time to keep pace with general cost of living increases.

In order to provide these benefits to our clubs a Mullins Fund Grant Application form has been drawn up, whereby funding for equipment, special events and the ‘speakers programme’ can be applied for.

Mullins Fund Grant Application


SAPF has determined that some funds will be available to affiliated clubs for the purpose of purchasing equipment to be used for the running of club activities and for underwriting of events such as seminars which clubs may wish to organise to benefit their own and other affiliated clubs.

Criteria and guidelines:

  • Affiliated clubs seeking funds must be self-supporting and provide audited financial statements with their application. 
  • Exceptions to this rule apply to newly formed clubs who require assistance in establishing basic requirement to effectively run a club and to the ‘speakers programme’. 
  • It is anticipated that should a club cease to operate and has equipment purchased through the Mullins Fund, this equipment will be passed on to SAPF management for redistribution to another club.
  • A grant will not be made for recurrent expenditure incurred in the normal running costs of a club.  Attempts should be made to access State and local government cultural grants before applying for a Mullins Grant.
  • The size of grants will be at the discretion of the Mullins Fund Committee, but would not be expected to exceed $1500.  This will depend on the number of applications, the amount available for distribution and the willingness of clubs to co-contribute.
  • The grants committee, when considering an application may also take into account the projected financial viability of the club.

The Forms:

Forms for grant application are divided into sections depending on the reason for the application.

Section B1 – for equipment.

Section B2 – for a special event e.g. exhibition, invited speakers.

Section B3 – for other projects/needs.

In all instances please complete and submit with application:

Section A application details and Section C – acknowledgements.


Download Mullins Fund Grant Application form here