Under the current constitution Delegates meetings [General Assemblies] are to be held twice yearly in March and September.

For a quorum there needs to be at least one third of affiliated clubs represented by delegates.

Each club may appoint up to two delegates to attend the meetings and vote on behalf of the club.

The Annual General Meeting, to elect Office Bearers and Management Committee members, is held in March on the same date as the Delegates meeting.  Election of the three members to the Mullins Fund subcommittee is also due every few years.

For the benefit of our regional clubs, who cannot send delegates to these meetings, a proxy form is available to choose a delegate from a metropolitan club, to act as their representative.  Any club where the chosen delegate cannot attend and another club member has offered to step in, can also use the proxy form.

AGM Nomination forms for various roles both on management committee and as outside support is also available. Some support positions to consider include: SAPF Webmaster, CC News editor/publisher, Promotion/publicity, SAPF Annual Director and Course Co-ordinator.  If you have both talent and interest in any position, please consider volunteering and helping SAPF accomplish its goals.

Minutes of the previous AGM and Delegates meetings may also be downloaded.

Documents for downloading:

AGM Proxy form

AGM Nomination form

AGM Minutes March 2014.

Delegates Minutes March 2014