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Courses and Workshops

Beginners Photography Course

The SAPF has undertaken to conduct, according to demand, a Beginners Photography Course.  This course is targeted at absolute beginners and will cover the following topics:

  • What is a camera and different types available.
  • Basic camera function e.g. exposure, ISO, aperture.
  • Lenses -  their function, focal lengths, auto and manual.
  • Metering modes – PASM
  • Understanding depth of field, white balance, use of flash.
  • Basics of composition – RAW vs JPEG
  • Use of tripods.

The course will run for 2 hours per 1 day over 4 consecutive weeks.

Cost for club members is $10 per 2 hour session with the full $40 dollars being paid at the commencement of the course.  There will be no refunds if a session is missed.

The first 3 weeks involves theory and will be conducted at SAPF headquarters: 67 Payneham Road, College Park.  Week 4 is a practical ‘hands on’ session and may involve a visit to a park or garden.

Course groups will be no larger than 10 participants.

Participants need to bring their camera and camera manual along to the course.

Please contact our Course Co-ordinator, Helen Whitford by email with expressions of interest including a preference as to when you are available [evenings or weekends] to attend the course.

Your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be contacted once a date is finalised for a course to proceed.

For any interested tutors offering to involve themselves in this course, please contact Helen re your interest.



Light on the land

The South Australian Photographic Federation is also supporting a series of photographic workshops aimed at the beginner to skilled amateur photographer.

The workshops are run by Lou Marafioti and Keith Seidel.


A Week in the Flinders Ranges

The 2014 Flinders Ranges workshop is currently accepting registrations.  The dates for this workshop, which has been extended from six to seven nights this year, are August 17-23.  Your registration fee covers tuition, accommodation and meals.  More information and registration form can be found HERE.

Your payment of the required deposit will confirm your place in the workshop on a first come, first served basis until registrations are filled.   Subject to demand a second workshop week in the Flinders may be offered at the discretion of the organisers.

Please complete the registration form and email to book your place in the Flinders Ranges for 2014.

Other workshop dates proposed are:

20 July                   Advanced Portraiture – glamour and character models (rural location)

3 August              Advanced Portraiture – glamour and character models (metropolitan location)

27 December     One-day workshop  – portrait, seascape and learning how to “see” the photographs that are around you (coastal location).

Please register your interest in receiving further information about any of these workshops by email.

Beginners Course in Photoshop Basics

The SAPF will be running a Beginners Course in Photoshop Basics for members of affiliated clubs

Details:   Course will run over two Monday nights – 24th March and 31st March 2014 from 7pm onwards at SAPF Headquarters, College Park House.

The course is designed for extreme beginners.

Tutors: Alberto Giurelli and Andy Smylie.

There will be a maximum of 6 students.

Students to bring their own laptop computers with a recent version of photoshop installed, preferably CS4 upwards.

Cost for the two sessions - $50.00 to be paid before or on day one.

Session 1:

Why Raw?
Importing files
Camera Raw
Basic skills – cropping, sharpening, levels, curves and more

Session 2:

Summary of session1
Questions and answers
Layers and Masks and more

Lightroom will be discussed briefly but students are not required to own this program.

Please contact Course Co-ordinator Helen Whitford for bookings: