Speakers Programme 2014

SAPF have compiled a list of members who have graciously volunteered to make themselves available to clubs and photographic groups, as speakers at club meetings, local interclub events, annual conferences, workshops etc.

Information about the speakers, their contact details and preferred topics are listed in the ‘Registry of Speakers’ which can be downloaded here.

Some speakers are willing to visit regional areas and may conduct a workshop if need is indicated and speaker willing.

In order to reduce costs to regional clubs, funding for the purpose of travel to any event, will be provided through the Mullins Fund Grant – use section B2 of the Mullins Fund Grant application form.

It is intended this be a volunteer undertaking with no fees for service charged.  Should accommodation, meals, local transport etc. be required, the responsibility of providing these services lies with the requesting photographic group.

SAPF welcomes any member who wishes to volunteer as a speaker.  Some thoughts to keep in mind when considering this include:

  • you must be passionate and involved with your photography.
  • it would be beneficial if you can speak well and convey your message/instructions clearly.
  • what aspects of photography are you comfortable with and possess knowledge of?
  • are you prepared to travel to regional areas?
  • do you have the time?  Keep in mind any preparation work needed for the event.
  • do you possess a sense of humour and a desire to motivate and share your knowledge with others?

It is envisaged clubs would study their programme for the year and decide at an early stage when and if they wish to tap into this resource of ‘speakers’.  Get in early with request, leaving enough time to approach several speakers if necessary.

Any comments, recommendations, feedback etc are welcome.

Download Guidelines for Hosting Speakers

Download Registry of Speakers