SAPF Liability Insurance

The South Australia Photographic Federation Inc. currently has Public and Products Liability Insurance with QBE, arranged through insurance brokers Willis Australia Limited.  This insurance policy is renewed on 1st April each year.

Affiliation is required if a photographic/camera club wishes to access the insurance services offered by SAPF.  Affiliated clubs may choose [but are not required] to pay insurance [capitation] fees, based on the number of financial members the club has at the time of affiliation.

Each year questions are posed by  clubs in regard to what the insurance cover entails.  It is hoped the following information will clarify these points.

Question 1.  Does the insurance cover members of our club if:

  • a member trips over a power cord where club meetings are held?
  • a member trips over a tripod when at an outdoor club activity?

The SAPF liability insurance policy covers third party bodily injury and/or property damage up to $20,000,000 for any one claim anywhere in the Commonwealth of Australia.

The policy does not cover members for bodily injury or property damage as members are defined as the ‘insured p[erson’ under the policy wording.  Members are not able to make claims for bodily injury or property damage, as they are not considered to be ‘third parties’.  Applicable section of the policy wording follows:

1.14       ‘names insured’ means:

1.14.1    the person[s] corporation and/or other organisations specified in the schedule.

Question 2.  Does the insurance cover visitors to a club if:

  • a visitor trips over a power cord where club meetings are held?
  • a visitor who has paid shooting fees, trips on a tripod at an outdoor shoot?
  • a visitor who has not paid any shooting fees, trips over a tripod at an outdoor shoot?

A visitor would be considered a ‘third party’ under the policy wording and the policy would respond accordingly if the organisation is deemed to be held legally liable for the bodily injury or property damage to that third party.  This would cover all situations listed in question 2.

Question 3.  What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers liability to third parties only.

The policy provides cover for the following:

  • personal injury and/or property damage
  • deference costs and supplementary payments for any claim or suit brought against you alleging personal injury and/or property damage
  • legal costs associated with court proceedings, coronial inquest/inquiry or Royal Commission or government enquiry arising out of any alleged breach of statuary duty
  • claims preparation costs – QBE will pay up to $25,000 for reasonable professional fees and such other expenses incurred by you for the preparation of a claim.

The maximum amount the insurer will pay for any one claim or series of claims for general liability arising out of any one occurrence is $20,000,000.

Business Package:

The SAPF insurance policy also includes a ‘Business Package’ which pertains to certain SAPF property.  The policy provides cover of $5,000 for items stored at our College Park House headquarters.  These items include the SAPF laptop computer and data projector.  Should a member bring their personal computers or other equipment to the SAPF premises, these would not be covered against any damage or loss, even if conducting SAPF business.  It is expected members will have their own ‘Home and Contents’ insurance to provide cover in such circumstances.

Items used by clubs are not covered.  The responsibility of insuring club property remains with clubs to organise themselves.

Should a claim be made against the SAPF third party liability cover, no immediate payment is made.  Each case will be treated on an individual basis.

It is expected all clubs with SAPF insurance cover, display diligence of care in adhering to safety issues when conducting club activities both at meetings, outside field excursions or other activities.

For groups who do not have SAPF insurance cover, please check with the organisation responsible for the group, that cover extends to any outside activity they undertake.

Insurance Questionnaire

In 2012, QBE introduced a requirement whereby clubs who pay capitation fees, must declare any extended outings or special events planned for the coming year.

It is also important to declare the number of financial members as numbers play an important part in determining the premium to be paid.

The Insurance Questionnaire form is used to cover all of the above requirements and must be returned to the SAPF secretary by the beginning of March.  For the purpose of completing the form, club committees need to have their programme for the coming year organised early.  The form must be filled out and returned by all clubs regardless of whether a special event is planned or not.

Please note: normal club activities e.g. day outings, additional meetings, day workshops etc. need not be included in the questionnaire.  The extended outings refer to weekends or longer away or an extended exhibition held in a public gallery or other venue, which is not the clubs normal meeting place.  Other situations would include the annual Photographers Market, AV Fest and similar events.

If an event is planned after the questionnaire is submitted a ‘Special Events’ form is available to apply for cover.

As of 2014 a ‘Certificate of Currency’ showing that a club is currently insured, is issued to each club individually.

Insurance questionnaire 2014

Insurance Special Events form 2014