For those who enjoy their photography and wish to extend their creativity, knowledge and expertise in this visual art form, SAPF invite you to enter this site and explore the possibilities of joining a group offering social interaction, support and photographic development.

Professionals – come and share your knowledge.
Keen Amateurs – come and share your love of photography.
Beginners – come with an open mind and be inspired.

About SAPF

The South Australian Photographic Federation [SAPF] was formed on the 1st February 1962 to encourage and promote amateur photography in South Australia. It is the umbrella organisation of affiliated clubs and groups throughout South Australia, coordinating the activities within the groups and thereby encouraging proficiency in the art and science of photography.

The Affiliated Clubs of the Federation provide fellowship, educational activities and friendly competition to photographic enthusiasts from beginner to expert level. All activities are designed to provide a photographer with stimulation and challenge and the impetus to improve their skills.

The SAPF is associated with the Australian Photographic Society [APS] and is a member of the Photographic Society of America [PSA].

SAPF's Structure

The activities of the Federation are coordinated by the SAPF Management Committee, a group of up to 12 people elected annually by two delegates from each of the affiliated clubs and Associate members. An annual AGM is conducted each year in March with Delegate meetings [General Assemblies] held twice yearly in March [combined with AGM] and also in September.

The SAPF Patron is Mr. John Hodgson EFIAP/b, FAPS, AV-FAPS, ESFIAP, Hon FAPS

A number of subcommittees cater to specific needs and include:

  • Mullins Fund Subcommittee
  • Annual Exhibition Subcommittee

As an incorporated body we are required to have a constitution (rules) on how the Federation is run.

View: SAPF Constitution 2013

A public officer is also required under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1985 and is the person responsible for lodging legislated forms with the Consumer and Business Services.

Members Benefits

If you belong to an SAPF affiliated camera club you are a member of SAPF.  We encourage Club Membership as first choice because of the many benefits including learning from others, sharing ideas and techniques, participating in workshops, outings  and competitions etc. but if due to location or time restraints you are unable to join a club you can become an Associate Member of the SAPF.  As an Associate Member you are allowed the same privileges and benefits offered to all SAPF club members.  Associate Membership ($35 in 2016) is renewable annually by March 31st.  Please contact the Secretary at secretary@sapf.org.au  to inquire about Associate Membership.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to judges who are trained and competent.
  • Information about competitions and exhibitions.
  • An opportunity to compete in the SAPF Annual and other competitions.
  • Expert photographic advice.
  • The right to send a representative to the general meetings of the Federation and thereby gain a position on management committee.
  • Access to ideas/information from other clubs.
  • Opportunity to interact with other clubs for social and photographic pursuits.
  • Access to lectures, seminars, courses run by SAPF.
  • Membership discounts at local Adelaide photographic retailer.
  • Opportunities to join in photographic workshops, attend seminars and product information events conducted by selected photographic retailers.
  • Support for those interested in AV (audio-visual) presentations.
  • Opportunity to sell items of photographic interest.
  • The means [as listed above] of improving your photography, of socializing and interacting with a group of like-minded people while enjoying and having fun in this extremely exciting and evolving art form.

Benefits for Clubs:

  • Access inter-club, state, interstate, national and international competitions, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and conventions of various kinds.
  • Provides services to affiliated clubs e.g. by creating a pool of qualified judges who can be invited to judge club competitions.
  • Provides judges for country clubs.
  • Encourages clubs and members to be involved in the care of the environment by the pursuit of nature photography.
  • Maintains a web presence for promotion of camera clubs, club and photographic information and offers a means of showcasing club images and providing archival storage of SAPF photographic history.
  • SAPF provides Public Liability insurance that covers members and their clubs at meetings and on official club outings.
  • Through the Mullins Fund, clubs can apply for financial assistance should the need arise.
  • Through the Photographic Preservation Society of SA [an affiliated group] access to historical equipment, the annual Photographers Market and opportunity, for those interested in this aspect of photography, to learn how to preserve/repair/maintain these treasures.
  • We highly regard the historical significance of South Australian photographers by maintaining a Permanent Collection of their work. We are constantly on the lookout for additional works, particularly that of earlier SA photographers.

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