The Black and White Challenge on Facebook proved a great success with  SAPF members and friends alike. Participation in the exercise consisted of posting five B & W images daily and nominating further ‘friends’ to do likewise.

For SAPF members not on Facebook and interested in viewing these images, this gallery hopefully will provide an insight into a non competitive, non club specific exercise which was fun to do and shows what a great range of talent South Australia has amongst our amateur photographers.

This gallery is by no means complete but I have gathered as many as I was able to find within the time frame I gave myself.

Browse through the gallery and enjoy the show  – all comments welcome!

 Kathy Purcell –

Allan Griffin –

Andy Smylie – 

Lydia Strutton – 

Robert Dettman – 

Denis Smith – 

Lew Brown – 

Neil Gray – 

Yvonne Hill – 

Peter Phillips – 

Bec Knight –

Paula McManus – 

Julie Fletcher – 

Cathy Cates – 

Gail Fursenko – 

Helen Lewis – 

Ben Kerr – 

Des Berwick –

Gavin Thompson – 

Grant Allen – 

Robert Heness – 

Suzanne Opitz –

Susan Freeman – 

Joy Lee Archer –