Bali Fisherman – Graham Stokes 2016

The SAPF Annual Exhibition 2017 is now open for entries from members of our Affiliated Clubs and Associate Members until March 12th 2017. Awards will be presented in various individual Member categories and Club sets.
You could have your work recognised and on show to the public, at the West Torrens Auditorium Gallery and selected extended exhibitions throughout South Australia.
Please carefully read theĀ 2017 Annual Exhibition Entry Form (Mar 2017) andĀ  SAPF Annual Exhibition 2017 Uploading Instructions before beginning your entry.
ENTRY ONLINE at http://www.photocompentries.net/?org=sapf
The Exhibition showcases some of the best photography in South Australia.
Select your very best images and enter now! Good Luck!

Danny Monaghan

Director, SAPF Annual Exhibition 2017